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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 5, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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this is not the end of that. a lot more to go. go more years. that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. >>amie: i'm jamie colby. good to have you with us. we'll send you to washington now, much more news with shannon bream. have a great day and good have a great day and good holiday. t99captioned bypclosed c >> shannon: economic push. president obama is ready to unveil the latest plan to fix the economy. does he have the right prescription? and march to the midterm, if the president can help the economy, will it help the democrats face uphill battle in november? stem cell debate. legal ruling stops funding of embryonic stem cell research. ethics versus scientific process? we have a fair and balanced debate on that coming up. i'm shannon bream. live from the nation's capital starts right now. the obama administration seems eager to talk about the
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economy, but does america like what it's hearing? mr. obama put a spin on weak job numbers and now he is pushing ideas to spur economic growth. julie kirtz is standing by with more on that. >> reporter: he is going to visit two swing states and hold a news conference in washington on friday. part of the game plan to revive chances in november. first in milwaukee on monday and cleveland on wednesday and back at the white house on friday for what aides say in cleveland will be a major speech on the economy. aides say obama picked cleveland because it's the site of recent speech by john boehner who called on obama to get rid of his entire economic team. in cleveland, wednesday, the president will outline the economic proposal, a megabillion dollar stimulus plan like last year is not under consideration. instead, the white house aides confirm this morning the president will lay out several less expensive ideas like a permanent extension of
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tax credits or business research done in the u.s. this would be a $100 billion proposal to be paid for by closing corporate tax breaks, according to the administration. also under consideration is an extension of hiring incentive and payroll tax holiday. obama's new plan was a focus on "fox news sunday." >> the democratic strategy has been and it's going to be discussed in more detail later. let's target the tax credits to middle class folks in the small businesses, by especially let's target tax credits where they will do the most good and have the most likelihood of increasing economic activity. >> the economic policies have failed. you can argue about the jobs created, jobs saved, but the fact is when they pass the stimulusage they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. now 9.6%. enough said. >> prospect of the new proposal on the economy is
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not clear. congress returns from a break later this month but the members will be in session a few weeks before leaving for mid-term campaigning. what they can get done to help the work iing americans is still an open question. >> shannon: thank you. the blow-out preventer that failed to stop the oil spill in the gulf is in the hands of investigators. i took engineers more than 29 hours to lift 300-ton device from a mile beneath the sea. it was hauled to a ship last night. f.b.i. agents were among the 147 people on board taking photos and videos of what is considered a key piece of evidence. they will escort it to facility in louisiana for analysis. concern of democrats are growing as the poll numbers show they are facing tough political climate in november. steve centanni has more on the prediction. >> the polls not looking that great as many said, as we get
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closer to the election day. first, take a look at the so-called generic poll. republicans are leading 51% to 41% among registered voters in the gallop weekly tracking of the 2010 congressional voting. this 10-point lead is the g.o.p.'s largest so far this year. and the largest in gallup's history of tracking the mid-term generic ballot for congress. another important poll shows it may be a good year to be a republican challenger or a newcomer to congressional politics. this poll shows that a newcomer, or let's continue on so i can read it. gallup gave respondents four type of candidate. republican in congress, republican not in congress, a democrat in congress, and democrat not in congress. and asked for whom they would vote? 38% picked a republican who has not served in congress. 24% said democrat already serving in congress. republicans say that good
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news for the democratic -- not good news for the democratic majority in washington. yet another poll shows blacks are not as enthusiastic about voting this time as they were when they helped catapult president obama to the white house two years ago. democrats acknowledge they face a difficult political environment this year and say the democratic voters need to get more fired up but they say the republicans are not offering a better alternative. here is david plough who organized obama's 2008 campaign for president. >> they are offering nothing new. the same old policies that led this country this close that senator graham talked about, the left ditch and right ditch. they drove us into the ditch. >> okay. plouffe also says the republican policies contributed to the worst economic crisis in decades and says we are on the right track, but that the g.o.p. dug a hole so deep it will take a while for to us get out. shannon? >> shannon: all right, steve centanni. thank you very much, steve. well, chris wallace had exclusive interviews with two key party leaders ahead of
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the midterm. republican senator john mccain and the d.n.c. chairman tim kaine. i sat down with the anchor of "fox news sunday" for a preview. chris, you talked with senator john mccain today, fresh off a primary win over the last couple of weeks. but you talked about the fact that a lot of people felt like he shifted some of his positions to get that win that he needed to get the party nomination. >> well, as you will expect, he says he didn't. and you can get awfully far in the weeds. it seems to me on "don't ask, don't tell," on immigration, on cap-and-trade, you can at least certainly make the argument he changed some of his positions and went to the right, because he faced a primary challenge for the right. regardless, he is quite proud of the fact that he recognized early the anger this year and the fact that there was going to be a lot of voter outrage from the right. he beat it back and some of his colleagues didn't and
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they won't be in the senate anymore. >> shannon: somebody else recognizing the anti-incumbent mood from the voters out there is the d.n.c. chair tim kaine. you talked to him as well today and you talked to him about the fact this has been termed the "summer of recovery," and yet the jobs aren't there. the administration will address this again this week. what was mr. kaine's position? >> first of all, he says, as i kind of pointed out what happened to the summer of recovery? well, things are getting better. well, in fact, they're not getting better because the g.d.p. declined. it's still up, but much less up than it was in the last quarter of 2009. 5% then, 1.6% in this quarter. recovery is clearly slowing. we lost 283,000 jobs over the course of the summer, some summer of recovery. the president is going to announce some more tax cuts this week. and as he pointed out, he has already announced eight rounds of tax cuts; particularly, targeted at small business.
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a senate might say what is the point of the ninth round if the first eight didn't jumpstart the economy? i don't think there is any question that they need a message to take out to voters between now and november. so this may be more about politics than it is about economics. >> shannon: looking to november, just a few weeks away at this point, you pointed out a number of polls and how they're looking. he did have to acknowledge, they're challenging. that was the word he used. that was a pleasant way to it. uphill battle. >> challenging is in the same sense of me getting in the ring with mike tyson. yeah, the generic poll where they ask voters who are you going to vote for in the district without mentioning a specific name, republican or democrat, the republican lead the democrat now by ten points. 51%, 41%. that is the biggest margin for the g.o.p., the biggest lead they had in the history of the gallup poll when voters are asked if they're enthusiastic about voting, republicans, 50% say they
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are, and democrats 25,% of them. if there are more of them than you and they are more excited and angry than you are, that is a fatal combination. the president will do what he can. one thing that you are seeing now are reports that the democrats are going to do what is called triage, sort of like when you have a bunch of people from an accident brought in the emergency room you have to do priorities. they are in a cold-blooded way say we can afford to give this person money, this candidate, because he is in a competitive race and if we give it to him, he might win. this one, even if he has been in congress for a number of years, if it looks like he is a loser, cut him off there. could be a lot of cold-blooded decisions made by democrats to try to keep to that 218-vote majority in the house of representatives. >> shannon: magic number. new face on the panel and power play of the week that nascar fans will love. >> all kinds of excitement. >> shannon: thank you, chris. you can catch all of chris wallace's exclusive interviews with senator john mccain and d.n.c. chairman
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tim kaine right after our show today. 2:00 and again 6:00 eastern. right here on fox. well, craigslist abruptly shut down the controversial adult services section, facing pressure to clean up parts of his site. they slapped a censored label over erotic ads. peter doocy has more about the aboutface. >> reporter: on the blog, craigslist says in 2009 when they hired attorneys to screen adult services section they rejected over 700,000 ads and they believe their posting guidelines are stricter than the newspaper or the yellow pages but it wasn't good enough for a handful of attorneys general. now if you are looking for adult services on the internet classified website, all you'd find is a black box, you see there, with len -- letters spelling out "censored." >> we have encouraged craigslist to take action
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eliminating prostitution ads and fortunately it's done the right thing voluntarily shutting down the adult services section. >> the move comes weeks after the craigslist killer markhoff committed suicide this his boston jail cell. he's alleged to met the victims on the site adult services section until last year was listed as erotic services. authorities believe even though the name changed the forum was used as a marketplace for prostitution among other things. in illinois, the cook county sheriff, the chicago area, said that they made 500 prostitution arrests this year. roughly a third are connected to craigslist. it's unclear if the move to censor the adult services section is permanent but if you are looking for things that were advertised there like massage or nighttime companion, you have to look elsewhere. >> shannon: peter doocy. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: this fox news alert. fresh violence in iraq days after the end of the u.s. combat operations there.
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as many of five suicide bombers tried to storm army base killing 12 people. dominic dinatill is streaming live with the update. >> now they're saying that nine dead and 29 killed in the attack on the military headquarters in eastern baghdad. two attackers blowing up the rear side of the base. a bomb was detonated which allowed others to rush in and storm the base. they were held off for an hour in a raging gun battle. they were killed and found suicide belts on their bodies. the death toll had been higher if they got inside. this is just coming five days after president obama said the u.s. combat mission in iraq was over.
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clearly it's not over for the iraqi services who are now in full command. they're taking care of the protection of iraq civilians that can't take care of themselves it seems, tragic as the events are. tough job ahead getting up to speed and taking full control of looking after the people. america is here for another 15 months. its duty and job in the 15 months to bring rack rag security forces up to speed so incident like this don't happen. this incident was happened. not specifically today but the prime minister said they are expecting a large scale attack on particular targets across the country. that appears to have happened today. what happens going forward now? well, an investigation into what happened today but iraqi have conduct better and deeper investigations with the american help, of course. see what happens in the future. back to you. >> shannon: we will and we know you'll be watching. dominic, thank you very much. are the iraqi people better off today because of
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america's involvement in war in iraq? brand new fox news opinion dynamic poll shows a vast majority of americans believe they are. 79% said yes. that is up from just 59% in 2006. if you deem the irarack surge a success, who should get the credit? 54% say president bush, 19% say obama. a month later, 33 miners are trapped in a copper mine. they were finally treated to face time with their loved ones with the help of video chat. >> we are all super well. don't worry about anything. everything is fine at home, mom, so you have to be calm. >> all right, then. >> before the video chat was made available the miners kept in contact through
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letters, phone call and recorded video messages. still ahead, the battle over illegal immigration move to states nowhere near the mexican border. find out why it could become a big issue for november. embryonic stem cell research and your tax dollars. a fair and balanced debate over the controversy right after this break. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. . >> chris: i'm chris wallace.
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>> shannon: if you are hitting the road this holiday season, you'll have plenty of company. a.a.a. is predicting a boost in travel this labor day weekend and say travel is expected to increase 9.9% this year, total of 34.4 million people. good news for drivers. gas prices are down by at least a penny.
12:19 pm says gas prices will inkrecrease. it is shaping up to be a nice labor day weekend across most of the country chief. meteorologist rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center to fill us in. >> nice that we got earl out of here before the weekend came. it's gone and everybody dealing with nice conditions, and maybe a little fall like. 60s around the great lake. 50s around the pacific northwest. still heat to be had but less and less. the eastern part of the country is beautiful. showers across up state new york. this is rain showers across montana and north dakota. past that, we're try. we are going to again watch the tropics. this is potentially developing to gadstone again. the next storm, we'll watch closer to home across the bay of campechi. this could develop and if it
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did it would move to northern mexico. we'll talk about texas and part of oklahoma, kansas, and missouri. maybe arkansas seeing a good three or four inches of rain moving through the next few days. want to know how high the temperature will go? heat on across the high plain. 100 in denver. hot there. head across the north and only in the 60s and 70s. >> shannon: thank you very much for that look. >> you bet. >> shannon: a federal judge recently ruled it's illegal for government money to be spent on embryonic stem crem research. the ruling reignited what has always been a very hot debate. scientists say research is crucial to developing new treatment for disease and others say adult stem cell present just as much scientific opportunity. let's debate it. dr. james shirley, stem cell researcher and plaintiff in the lawsuit that resulted in the latest decision. dr. art kaplan director of center for bioethics at the university of pennsylvania. welcome. >> thank you. >> shannon: dr. shirley, i'll start with you. why take on this lawsuit?
12:21 pm
>> we are taking on the lawsuit because it's important action to preserve the quality of science and making sure that the taxpayer dollars are being used to the best they can be. more specifically, the problem is that the human embryonic stem cell research has three problems. one of them is the research is unethical. it's unethical because embryos are living human beings. this research knowingly leads to their injury and their death. the second reason is because the research is illegal. we have a law in this country that says this type of research that leads to such injuries to the human research subject is illegal. the third thing is the public needs to understand that in the absence of human embryonic stem cell research as described, there is no loss to our ability to have research for many diseases that patients suffer from. the reason for that is there
12:22 pm
are alternatives, such as the adult stem cell research. we shouldn't forget conventional disease research ongoing in the country for many years. >> shannon: let me bring in dr. kaplan and give him a chance to respond. is it accurate to say we could do research in different ways on adult stem cells and get the same information and results? >> we don't know yet. adult stem cell research is productive and there are a majority of scientists working in the stem cell area that says we have to explore the embryo option, too. we are talking about a policy that both president bush and president obama permitted. the lawsuit hasn't stopped embryonic stem cell research. it put it in the private sector and it's driving it overseas, china, india, korea. many nations are still pursuing it. this is basically say we'll buy any cures that develop from overseas. most importantly, the compromise we reached in this
12:23 pm
country was to use embryos stored at infertility clinics that were going to be destroyed anyway. we're not encouraging embryonic destruction but taking advantage of the fact we have hundreds of thousands of embryos slated to be destroyed and some that will be donated to research. that seems to be the sound public policy. >> shannon: dr. shirley, if that is the case if the embryos were going to be discarded anyway, would that be okay with you? >> that isn't the case. the people hear well, they'll be thrown away anyway and if we didn't throw them away we'd get the great cures from it. that's the big misconception. there is estimated 400,000 embryos available in this country. and the number that is in the same report that might be available for research is only 11,000. and people -- >> 11,000 embryos would go pretty far. you would get a lot of research done from 11,000 embryos. >> no one said even that 11,000 would be available.
12:24 pm
it's a myth that there are so many available. i would also put forth since they are living human beings, our population, our society should stop and ask even if we should use the 11,000. the other issue for other type of research that can be done, again, we're told that these things that the embryonic stem cells, the human embryonic stem cells will bring to us. to put in a typical research mode. we can't predict where research is going. >> dr. kaplan, the final word here? >> we may find alternative to adult stem cell research if we explore embryonic. people in wheelchairs and those with diabetes deserve the right to have this aggressively explored and this lawsuit is slowing that down and that is not right. >> shannon: we'll continue to see how it plays out. >> they need to continue to have the truth. >> shannon: thank you for your time today. we know the debate is far from over.
12:25 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: the fate of the jetblue flight attendant that made the dramatic exit down an emergency chute, beer in hand, it's been decided. find out if steven slater will keep his job. illegal immigration is heating up far from the border. we'll ask our political strategist how it could factor in the mid-term elections. with capital one's venre card,
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>> shannon: president obama is taking on the economy this week. bottom of the hour. steve centanni with top stories. >> president obama will travel to ohio this week and is expected to drum up support for economic progress made by his administration. the president will also introduce a package of new ideas designed to kick-start small business. the blow-out preventer that failed to stop the gulf oil spill now a key piece of evidence in the oil investigation. the 310-ton preventer lifted from a mile underneath the surface and loaded to a waiting ship last night. craigslist has shut down the adult services part of its website after 17 state attorneys generalal called for that section of the site to go dark. the call came after several postings led to human trafficking and even murder, including the case of craigslist killer phillip markoff. mother teresa is getting a new stamp. unveiled today. the stamp honors the late
12:30 pm
mother teresa for her half century of humanitarian work with the sick. those are some of your top stories now. >> shannon: thank you, steve. overnight, the israeli military launched deadly airstrikes against target in the strip. bombing three tunnels in the gaza-egypt border. two palestinians were killed and one other were injured. two others are still missing. the israeli military says the attacks were in retaliation for hamas shootings last week. two of the bomb tunnels were used to smuggle becomes from egypt. spike in violence comes days after the israelis and the palestinians held first direct peace talks in to years. earlier today, benjamin netanyahu briefed his cabinet on prospect for long-term mideast peace. we have the latest from jerusalem. >> in the past 48 hours, shannon, the tone, tenor and feeling of the peace talks has changed and it's been for the negative. we have seen two things happen.
12:31 pm
the cycle of violence has increased in terms of severity and both sides are pulled to the right by members of their own government. in today's cabinet meeting it was clear prime minister netanyahu was under pressure from members of his own party to take a harder line with the palestinians. also, defense minister announced that the settlement freeze that brought the palestinians to the table will not be extended. for the palestinian side, hardliner in their ruling party called netanyahu a con man. yesterday, saw israeli retaliation for killing of four settlers by hamas gunman and rocket attack on saturday, they found three tunnels in gaza, one of which the security officials say might have been used to kidnap an israeli soldier in coming days. hamas also held a news conference of sorts announcing a new militant coalition as they described it whose sole purpose here is to derail the peace process.
12:32 pm
to give you an idea of how high the stakes are, i spoke with the palestinian chief negotiator a couple of hours ago by phone who said if we don't have a deal in one year's time, idea of a moderate palestinian politician will, "disappear." things here in the middle east move awfully fast as you know. the prime minister netanyahu and president abbas are scheduled to sit down for talks again in sharm el-sheikh, egypt. that happens just nine days from today. >> shannon: thank you for the update from jerusalem, leland. fox news alert. to follow up on the talks, the extension that leland just mentioned we are getting word that secretary hillary clinton is going to travel to egypt for those talks. we understand she is going to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. she is going to initially meet with them september 14 in egypt. she will be joined by special envoy for the middle east peace senator george mitchell. the talks will apparently continue to september 15. we believe the location for
12:33 pm
that will be in jerusalem. again, secretary clinton will head overseas to join in the continuing peace talks for middle east peace. after a less than stellar performance in the debate against the democratic opponent gotter, arizona governor jan brewer announced she is not going to participate in any more debates. in portion of wednesday's debate she appeared unsure of what to say, including this awkward moment. >> we have done everything that we could possibly do -- [ pause ] we have, uh, did what was right for arizona. >> shannon: we have all had those moments where you lose your words. brewer later walked out of a post-debate press conference and asked about her refusal to correct her earlier statement about decapitated bodies showing up in the desert which can was proven false. states who are nowhere near
12:34 pm
the border they are inserting the issue in their gubernatori gubernatorial races. and we're joined by sarah, serving under president bush. and david mercer, finance director for d.n.c. thank you to you both. >> thank you for having us. >> shannon: sarah, the g.o.p. has been accused quite a bit of playing politics with the issue of immigration. is that what they are doing? politics is part of the discussion no matter what you think. >> it is. this goes to an action at the federal level; meaning, by the president and the congress to develop a comprehensive immigration reform plan. this is pushing the gubernatorial candidates to sort of lash out with proposals that are in some cases moderate and some cases rather extreme. >> shannon: david, obviously, the administration and many democrats are taking heat from the other side, from the left saying you are not getting anything done. you promised to get us comprehensive reform. where does it leave the democrats? >> it leaves democrats in a
12:35 pm
position to have to continue to fight for immigration reform. we know the efforts have been thwarted by the g.o.p. caucus. you had people on such as senator luger or mccain who have been supportive of immigration reform but the republican caucus prevailed on them in delaying action on a federal level. i agree with sarah that the american people want immigration reform. it has to happen on the federal level in terms of protecting our borders. in terms of deporting undocumented immigrants that should not be here. we have to fight for that. we should not be distracted by efforts at the state level in trying to create a situation where the blame should be shared by democrats only. >> shannon: it's interesting that the topic has become so state-focussed and state driven, primarily because of arizona. we see polling whether or not you'd like a similar law in your own state. i thought it was interesting in georgia. both candidates this for governor, democrat and
12:36 pm
republican now say they would support something like the arizona law in georgia. sarah, any surprise that both sides of the ticket are talking about that in a supportive fashion? >> no. i think polling overall from what i've seen 60% of american say they support something that is american-esque for immigration reform. but of the same people, 58% say they worry about the implementation of that law and what it would mean for civil rights. people are practical and fair minded about this. i think at the end of the day, who knows what is in the arizona law? that is a larger question. >> shannon: david, are you surprised at all? for so long people use democrats as party of hispanics, that they have got the votes locked up in many ways. do you think it's the case this fall with this particular issue raising out there? >> the purpose for election is not to take votes for granted. we always have to build our case and we have a good case. i don't think that the republicans have any case at all. and the council on la raza has written to the republican leadership to say how offended they were by the arizona law. it's a delicate situation.
12:37 pm
one that may come back to bite the g.o.p. in the way they're playing with the issue now. >> shannon: all right. david, sarah, thank you for this particular topic because after the break we'll take the panel opinion on the youth vote. young voters played a huge role in the 2008 presidential election. how are they going to impact this fall mid-term races? will they show mup? we'll break it down after the break. mormon church is launching an ad campaign to let the world know who they really are. find out why it's attracting attention of politicians and pundits as well. f three good prs in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her lon. oh, now that's t best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. i love your work. why does it say box tops for education on your soup?so. oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box.
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taste it, love it, or it's free! ♪ activia >> shannon: republican senate campaign marco rubio is putting his campaign temporarily on hold after the death of his father. last night the campaign announced that mario rubio died in hospital after suffering from emphysema and lung cancer. he was 83.
12:41 pm
rubio was this a three-way race between democrat kendrick meek and republican turned independent charlie crist. the church of latter day saints is getting a p.r. makeover. they're offering a multi-tier campaign of mormon campaign from logging to campaigning. >> i'm a dedicated blogger and a mormon. >> i'm hopeful. i'm passionate. i'm the guy next door with a really nosey kid. i'm a music executive. >> i'm a father. my name is ryan wright. i am a mormon. >> shannon: the church says the ad campaign has nothing to do with any 2012 presidential run by mitt romn romney, but he felt so strongly about the faith he gave -- [ inaudible ] the young voters are
12:42 pm
distancing themselveses from the democratic party. could it shift things going in the mid-term election this fall? back with the political strategist, sarah lente and david mercer to talk about it. david, they were key in 2008. they were excited about president obama. he is not on the ballot this fall. will the young voters show up? >> yes, they will. they are a key segment of voting electorate. i might just emphasize he doubled the support of young voters for the democratic ticket in 2008. right now, he is still 20% more in favorability of the republicans. so i think we rely on them. i think we will court them and demonstrate that the reforms that the president has put in place, as well as the candidates running for re-election or challenging the g.o.p. and counters to the reforms that we're seeking are there to vote so we can continue momentum going into 2011. >> shannon: sarah, is there an opportunity here for the g.o.p. to move in?
12:43 pm
when we look at numbers a year ago, 62% of the younger group identified themselves as leaning democrat. it dropped to 54% with a teeny bit of rebound there. what does the g.o.p. do to capitalize? >> i don't think they have to do much. right now, the youth vote is going to be voting on the number one issue, which is the economy. there is overall economic angst in america. i don't think it matters if you are under 30 or over 30. this is about holding government responsible. the democrats hold two out of the three branches of the government and i think voters are going to say we're holding you accountable now. >> shannon: how do you counteract that? >> i counteract that by saying we have only been in power for less than two years and trying to overcome eight years of call it benign neglect dealing with a lot of the challenges that we now face and would have been a lot worse had they not be addressed in healthcare reform or financial reform. we have to keep the momentum going to seeking others, whether it be energy,
12:44 pm
environment, immigration as we were talking about earlier. i as a college student earlier 20 years ago remember it all wasn't well then. i saw a way and commitment to the democratic party. i think the youth voters will see him to brighter days. >> shannon: thank you both for a good political debate today. love to have you back. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: steven slater, you remember this guy? the jetblue atlanta who made headlines for outburst on his plane and a dramatic exit through emergency escape chute? he has been fired from jetblue. after the incident, slater was suspended by the airline conducted the investigation. along with being out of a job, he is also facing charges of possible christian mischef, reckless endangerment and tresspassing. the former labor secretary joins us with her take for second stimulus package. that and more when we return. copd makes it hard for meo breathe.
12:45 pm
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>> shannon: some of the top stories we're following this hour on america's news headquarters. fresh violence in baghdad just days after u.s. combat operations there ended. at least 12 people are dead and her than 30 wounded. after a car bomb exploded at a baghdad military headquarter. iraqi officials say militants tried to shoot their way in the building after the explosion. baghdad has been on high alert since president obama declared end to u.s. combat operations in iraq. in afghanistan, coalition service member was killed fighting in the southern part of the country. the death marks the sixth fatality amongst foreign fighters this month. five of them americans. meanwhile, abdullah abdullah, rival of president karzai questioned karzai's approach to upcoming talks with the taliban saying the goals of
12:49 pm
the talks are unclear. and craigslist has shut down the adult services portion of its website. two weeks after 17 states' attorneys general called for that section of the site to go dark. calls for shutdown came after several questionable postings led to human trafficking and murder, including the case of craigslist killer who was accused of killing a woman he met on the website. those are some of the top stories for right now. the new unemployment report gives some people a bit of hope the economy might be turning the corner but many are remaining unconvinced. will is talk in washington that president obama could be pushing for another stimulus package. elaine howe was secretary under president bush and joins us from louisville, kentucky. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: we lost 54,000 jobs for august but a lot of people say it's the temporary census work we expected to go away. 67,000 jobs were created in the private sector but we
12:50 pm
picked up again, 9.6% unemployment. what do you make of the latest data? >> this is the latest in the bad data about jobs. the economy is not creating new jobs. thursday we saw initial claims filed and basically 472 tow americans have -- 472,000 americans filed for unemployment insurance benefits. friday we see the news that the unemployment rate kicked up to 9.2% and the amount of number of new jobs created in the last month was far short of the 200,000 net new jobs that are needed to be created every month just to keep up with the growth of our population. in addition, we see that the rate of unemployment for the african-american community is well over 16.2%. and the unemployment rate for hispanic population is over 12%. most importantly the underemployment rate is
12:51 pm
16.7%. it's increased from 16.5%. this means that there are lots of people who want jobs and they can't find jobs somewhere they are putting up with just temporary jobs or jobs that hire them for a shorter period of time. the worst of all, almost 50% of those who are unemployed have been unemployed now for almost, for more than one year. so, all of this speaks to a pretty bad job situation and economic situation as well. >> shannon: certainly very sobering numbers. we know the president will be out speaking again this week about the economy and proposals that he has. we know he has talked about extending tax cuts for the middle class and investing in areas of the economy with the best potential for job growth. will the ideas work? >> i think the republicans will be very open to discussing any ideas, any proposals that would jumpstart our economy, because obviously, economic
12:52 pm
c times are pretty bad. but it's remember to state the whole tax issue debate as a continuation as a tax cut is absurd. i mean basically it has been the law of the land for the last decade. we've had a lower tax rate for everyone. and for those who pay the taxes. that has helped stimulate the economy. and to get new jobs going. well, we are talking about now is that if the congress does not act by january of this coming year, we will be, we will be experiencing an increase in taxes. so it's an increase in taxes we're talking about. when the democrats talk about, when the president, the democrats talk about the small business relief bills, i think we have to look at these pretty carefully because of a bill that concerns small businesses now has an amendment that was just recently added in the senate that has a tarp position. which requires a federal government to take an equity position in small businesses.
12:53 pm
i don't think most americans want that kind of provision, want that kind of interference in our economy. secondly, the small business, the so-called small business relief bill will impact 50% of small businesses' income and 25% of our workforce. and it will impact 750,000 small businesses. that will be what the tax increase will do to small businesses. let's remember, that small businesses create two-third of the net new jobs in our economy. this economy is facing the fundamental problem that job creation has been very, very slow. >> shannon: former labor secretary, thank you for your insight. good to see you. >> thank you. >> shannon: still ahead, best chance to compete in the green car market and larry
12:54 pm
sabato joins us. and our man in charlotte tells house the crazy theme came to pass and what happened when he and senate candidate alvin greene went out dancing. we'll also talk about the real issues. >> aren't you going to talk with alvin? you want a change in a major way. a greene. here we go! [ music ] i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill. that stays with you all day to help you quit. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, coared to 18% on sugar pill. it's proven to reduce the urge to smoke. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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[ female announcer ] yoplait light. 30 delicis flavors all around 100 calories each. 30 delicis flavors of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. go introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula. >> shannon: there has been hype about the chevy volt. g.m. hoping to lure in new customers with the electric-powered hybrid. but with others on the market how many want to go green with g.m. mike tobin has more. >> they took a turn around the bankruptcy track and then g.m. delivered a chevy volt. 10,000 of them hitting the dealership in november. >> it was developed mostly before the bail-out, but like everything else the g.m.
12:58 pm
does, if the government hadn't stepped in to get it through the crisis, it wouldn't happening now. >> the government stepped in with more tax dollars and g.m. got $50 billion in bail-out money. $240 million grant from the energy department. a $14 billion loan to retool general motors plants, even the korean company that supplied the battery got $150 million from taxpayers. >> it is practically the equivalent of the space shuttle. expensive, limited production but the space shuttle has done amaze things for other industries from the materials research, and fostering engineering. >> the first mass production electric powered hybrid. you can drive 40 miles on the battery and then the gas engine kicks in, only to create electricity. that will get you 300 more miles before you need to gas up. you can drive on to limited distance in an electric car but it costs at least $41,000.
12:59 pm
>> it's powered by a six-foot long battery that runs t-shape through the center of the car. but because of that battery you don't have an ability for a bench seat in the back or space for one more passenger that the competitors have. the closest competition, nissan's, is $8,000 less and can drive 100 miles on a charge, but it doesn't have the engine to recharge. after 100 miles you need to stop and plug in. the gasoline powered i quiv leapt of the volt, the chevy cruz costs less than half. $17,000. with all of the tax dollars that kept g.m. alive, the auto giant is now banking on that iphone effect. people lining up and spending extra to be the latest to get the latest technology and wrap themselves up in green at the same time. >> it was general motors' intent to be technology leaders again and the chevy volt is just that. general motors showing the technological prowess. >> in detroit, mike tobin,
1:00 pm
fox news. >> shannon: the death toll from suicide bombing in baghdad has risen to nine. days after president obama formally ended u.s. combat operations, are the iraqis ready to take responsibility for keeping the country safe. this is hour number two of america's news headquarters from the capitol starts i know. online advertising site craigslist has taken down the adult services section two weeks after a group of state attorneys general called for the section to be shut down. peter doocy is live in new york to tell us more about what happened. hi, peter. >> reporter: hey, shannon. you can get on craigslist. my producer upstairs found his boat there and someone else told me it's how she found her roommate. anybody looking for things on the craigslist adult services
1:01 pm
section like sensual massage or companionship has to look elsewhere because they've shut down the section, until last year was listed as erotic services. if you go to the site and scroll down, you will see this. a black box with white letters that says, "censored." a group of state attorneys general believe people post og the craigslist service are participating in sex trade and it becomes prostitution. >> prostitution is not victimless crime. human trafficking results in tragedy to children and others and craigslist voluntarily, fortunately is doing the right thing. we will continue monitoring them and other sites that may enable prostitution. >> reporter: now craigslist hasn't said if the adult services section is gone for good but the "censor" label appears just about a week after the states' attorneys general, including connecticut which you just
1:02 pm
heard from, said craigslist wasn't doing enough to prevent seek prostitutes on their site. craigslist said since may of 2009 they have had the lawyers screening every single adult services advertisement and they rejected over 700,000 which they felt were illegal or inappropriate. the sheriff in cook county, illinois, might think otherwise. after 500 prostitution arrests this year he said a third were connected to craigslist. >> shannon: interesting number. peter, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: the blow-out preventer that failed to stop the oil spill in the gulf is now in the hands of investigators. i took engineers more than 29 hours to lift a 300-ton device from a mile beneath the sea. the five-story high stack of valves and pipes was hauled to a ship last night. f.b.i. agents were among the 137 people on board taking photos and videos of what is considering a key piece of evidence. they'll escort it to a nasa facility in louisiana for analysis.
1:03 pm
a fox news alert, a bomb exploded in central baghdad killing nine people and wounding several more. days after the end of u.s. come can bat operations there. dominic dinatelli is streaming live with the latest. hi, dominic. >> reporter: you know, it looks like a bloody statement from al-qaeda. on an adacious attack around 11:00 local time. an attack on the military headquarters. launched an attack on the back of the base, blowing themselves up after being first shot at by the base fences. the front of the base, a mini bus detonated at the gate that opened up the entrance, by then we had two further attackers who came and rushed in attempting to storm the base to blow themselves up inside.
1:04 pm
however they were held back for an hour in a running gun fight before they were shot. they found them with bomb belt. we have nine dead and 29 injured. this comes after a public state fire department the prime minister here warning of a major attack. they asked them to be vigilant. they are to protect the civilian population and they can't protect themselves. this comes after the 60,000 u.s. troops withdrawn and 50,000 are due to stay on and train iraqi forces up to speed in the next 60 months. as a result of the attacks in the recent weeks. back to you. >> thank you for the live update. are the iraqi people better off today because of america's involve in the the war in iraq? brand new fox news dynamic opinion poll show vast americans think they are. 71% say yes, that's up from
1:05 pm
59% in 2006. if you deem the iraq war a success, who should be getting the credit? most people polled, 54% say former president george w. bush. 19% say president obama. we have just learned that secretary of state hillary clinton will travel to egypt and israel next week. the secretary will be in the region to participate in the next round of peace negotiations between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. clinton will be joined on the trip by the u.s. special envoy for middle east peace senator george mitchell. as mid-term elections get closer, unfavorable poll numbers have democrats on edge. a couple hit the sunday shows to defend their party. steve centanni is standing by with more. >> hi, steve. first on the polls, not great news for democrats as we get closer and closer to voting. look at the generic poll where republicans lead 51 by
1:06 pm
41% in the tracking of the congressional voting preferences. the ten-point lead is the g.o.p. largest this year. the largest in gallup history of tracking the mid-term generic ballot for congress. they look at how they're doing going in mid-terms. compared to two years ago, according to this poll in 2008, gallup says more than 80% of both groups, black and white, giving the race for the white house a lot or some thought. that drops dramatically this year. 42% of whites, 25% of blacks are thinking about the mid-term elections. meantime, democrats looking at the midterm election. the man who engineered president obama's successful bid for white house in 2008 david plouffe acknowledging today that the democrats are facing a difficult challenge. >> when you have a tough economy and you are in power,
1:07 pm
you have a tough political environment. we won so many elections in 2006 and 2008. even in a neutral electoral environment, it's clear we will give some back. >> democrats need to get more fired up and say the g.o.p. got us in the situation, so it make no sense. he says it took so much to dig out again. >> shannon: the banner continues. thank you. palin family can breathe sigh of relief. author joe mcginhs is packing up and heading to a home in massachusetts today. he rented the house next to the palins, much to dismay of the former government. mentioned the the arrival on the facebook page and added on yard fence to block the view. he was in wasila gathering research for book on sarah palin. the family may be pleased on
1:08 pm
the result of the most unpopular person in politics, according to the public policy polling, it's bristol palin's ex, levy johnston. it doesn't bode well for his planned run for mayor of wasila. all right, so how will the tea party candidates factor in the election? a woman who wrote the book on the tea party says, "tea party candidates will make it big in november." to read more on that and the latest political news, log on to they say they will ask president obama to extend tax cut for business to spur on economic growth. it comes a couple of months before the critical mid-term elections. will americans see it as too little, too late? julie kirtz has more. hi, julie. >> yeah, well, we may see the answer to the question when the americans go to the poll
1:09 pm
in november with mid-term election. with the economy in the slump and the unemployment rate at 9.6%, president obama travels to the midwest this week to talk about the economy. president obama will lay out the plan in more detail and aides say he will propose extension of popular tax credit, a break for business research in the u.s. also under consideration by obama, white house aides say extension of hiring incentives and a payroll tax holiday. we add reaction to the latest proposal on both parties on "fox news sunday." >> my reaction is we always like to see a deathbed conversion, but the fact is if we had done this kind of thing a couple of years ago we would be in better shape. >> it's not a deathbed conversion. looking at the pace of the
1:10 pm
recovery, thank goodness we're not shrinking, but growing and the president will address additional steps to us growing again. >> more reaction this afternoon to the president's r&d tax credit proposal from the senate majority office. spokesman for senator reid saying there is no decision yet on trying to pass it. with the chances of getting anything done before the mid-term is very slim. obama proposed making the r&d tax credit permanent before in the budget plan this year but supporters say it will create high-wage american jobs but not a break for the small business owners generally. the challenge is how to pay for it. aides say obama will ask obama to close the corporate tax break for the multi-national corporation and oil and gas companies. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. >> sure. >> shannon: billions of your tax dollars are headed to a program aimed at updating patient records. the goal of better record keeping when it comes to your health. it's all your money. william la jeunesse is keeping track of it.
1:11 pm
>> going to the doctor is going paperless, as the new rules require hospital and physicians to convert millions of parent files to digital records. >> i think part of where the government is going s to make the data flow freely from doctor and providers so the data goes with you. >> it applies to health information beginning with a patient's weight, blood pressure, prescriptions and allergies. results advocates say are lower costs, better care, improved safety. >> it will make sure the medicines don't contradict with the medicines they're on. that's one of the things i had to remember to do doing it on paper and now the computer reminds me each time. >> to defray the cost, the feds will hand out $19 billion in stimulus money. providers who meet the government imposed deadline get the higher federal reimbursement for five years. those who don't make switch by 2015 get docked 3%. some worry the smaller
1:12 pm
hospitals can't afford the penalty and lack the upfront money to make the transition, so either the patients or providers help bridge the gap. >> it doesn't pay for the cost of putting it in or running it but it helps defray a little of the cost and you don't get it back until a few years after you have it in. >> how much will the $19 billion cost you? log on to the calculator on fox type in the income. if you earn under $15,000 a year the digital conversion will cost you under a dollar. earn up to $50,000 you will pay $31,000. up to $200,000, you will pay $237. if you are in the top tax bracket, the program will cost you more than $2,000. under the reimbursement program, doctors can receive more than $100,000 from medicare and medicaid. the hospitals are eligible for millions. most agree this is long overdue, the critics wonder why the public has to pay for this as a patient and taxpayer. supporters say, however, that sometimes you have to spend money to save money. and that's what this
1:13 pm
incentive does. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> shannon: coming up alvin green on the scene. we'll chat with radio host keith larson about his much anticipated interview with the candidate who couldn't quite dance around all the issues. and south carolina's other senator lindsey graham weighs in once again on immigration and birthright citizenship. and keeps listeners -- and keith's listeners react. >> tim, you're on news talk. >> yeah, whenever i listen to lindsey graham the thing that upsets me when i'm talking is when he said keith, look, here is the tradeoff. it's like what tradeoff? 3q what's up ? ugh. my feet are killin' me. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see y, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know...
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1:17 pm
>> shannon: all right. you remember this guy? looked happy there. steven slater who made headlines for an outburst on a plane. he has been fired from jetblue. he was suspended while the airline conducted its investigation. along with being out of a job, he could also face charges of criminal mischef, re reckless endangerment and trespassing. for the past new months my next guest has been hosting alvin greene. and last week he met alvin face-to-face and they had quality time together. keith larson joins us now from 1110. great to see you. >> quality time? it was bizarre time. >> shannon: i know the plan was you would send a limo and pick him up. spent two hours with him. what happened? >> there for two hours and it was bizarre. am i interviewing a candidate for the senate or hosting
1:18 pm
episode of "solid gold"? you have probably seen the video gone viral of alvin dancing to the alvin greene on the scene rap tune. he dances like a white guy at a wedding. they could be playing "proud mary" instead of the alvin greene rap tune. he claims to want to be taken seriously as a candidate for the senate, shannon. so i took him seriously and i pressed him on issues and pressed him on himself, this military record of his. the felony pornography charge. and he doesn't answer any of that seriously at all. so there is the stalemate. he wants to be taken seriously but he is not acting seriously in any way. >> shannon: we have a response for the obscenity charge and play it for folks. this is the response this week. >> that should have been dealt with already. and there is a process for it. my lawyer is leading the
1:19 pm
process. it goes back to my issues, jobs, education and justice, we need justice in the judicial system. that is it. keep in mind i'm innocent until proven guilty. there is a process and my lawyer is leading the process. >> shannon: how did you go to that serious top tic to the shot of him with the jacket off, busting the white man dance move in your studio. >> even had the underbite on the lip. he said he wanted to dance to the tune. so when we finally played it coming out of our last break, he just up and danced. i mean you hear him, he doesn't want to speak seriously about matters like the pornography charge at all. he is correct about that, but he is asking for them to vote for him to go to the united states senate and he doesn't address in any way a charge like that out there.
1:20 pm
>> shannon: i have to imagine that senator jim demint has never had a more favored opponent and never been more excited to head to the ballot box against anyone. let's talk about lindsay graham and the pew research number showing the illegal immigration numbers are way down but this topic resonates with people all across the country. it's something that senator graham has taken heat on, he has changed his position and too cozy with democrats. let's hear from a couple of your callers after you talked to senator graham, their reaction to his position. >> sure. >> gus, you are on wbt. hey. >> hey, keith. i think the problem here is the weasel word "comprehensive." he wants to put something together no one will make a consensus on and therefore will never be voted for. if he wants to fix the problem, close the borders today. >> jeffrey, you're on wbt. >> how are you doing? >> all right. fire away. >> [ inaudible ] i have a couple of different problems.
1:21 pm
make a requirement that the application for citizenship papers for a child must be recompaninied by the hospital bills. >> yes, but lindsey graham is he genuine or spinning with the political wind? >> he's been genuine. he's frustrated. >> shannon: did you have a split opinion? >> you do. you have a lot of people and probably the majority saying he is rying to catch the political wind right now. some think he is being genuine. some saying he's catching political wind say even if he is, eliminating the birthright citizenship, that would make it less rewarding for the illegals to come here and the pew numbers you talk about shannon, show if you make it less rewarding and more risky for illegals you can turn it around. >> shannon: keith larson, great to see you mornings on 1110 wbt in charlotte, north carolina. thank you for sharing your alvin visit with us as well.
1:22 pm
thank you. the highly controversial video game medal of honor won't be sold on the u.s. military bases. the military says the game allowing players to act as taliban and kill the u.s. troops in afghanistan will be pulled, "out of respect to those who served." karen meredith who lost her son in the war told on "fox and friends" why she is so opposed to the game's release. >> just come off of the worst month of casualties in the whole war and this game is going to be released in october. so, families who will be burying their children will see this and playing this game. i just don't see a video game based on a current war makes any sense at all. >> shannon: game maker electronic arts is still set to release the game next month. white house is pumping millions of dollars in a new youth drug abuse program. is it worth all the taxpayer money? we will ask the white house
1:23 pm
drug czar about that and get his take on california effort to legalize marijuana. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars. ♪
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[ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time.
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1:26 pm
>> shannon: baghdad military headquarters was the target of a deadly car bombing days after president obama declared an end to u.s. combat operations in iraq. steve centanni is standing by with more on that and the other top stories. hi, steve. >> hi, shannon. nine people are dead and 30
1:27 pm
wounded after a car bomb exploded at the central baghdad building. iraqi officials say the militants tried to shoot their way in the building after the explosion. president obama declared end to u.s. combat operations in iraqs on wednesday. the popular website craigslist shut down the adult services section. 17 state attorneys general called for the section to be removed in the wake of the so-called craigslist killer. a censored logo now stands in the place of that section. investigators are one step closer to finding out what went wrong in the b.p. oil spill. key piece of evidence is out of the water. i took 29.5 hours to lift a 300-ton blow-out proventer. will jerry lewis telethon begins tonight. it benefits the muscular dystrophy association will feature comedians, olympic medalists starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. those are the top stories now. back to you. >> shannon: one of the great
1:28 pm
traditions. do you watch it, steve? >> absolutely. fun to watch. >> shannon: we'll tune in. thanks. larry sabato says they could win enough -- republicans could win enough seats to take over the house. great to see you. or at least hear you since we have technical difficulties and we have you on the phone. >> the viewers are better off. >> shannon: we have your very handsome picture up so they can see you anyway. there has been so much talk about anti-incumbent mood. is it your opinion it's shifted to anti-democrat mood? >> i have been arguing this all year using the primary result results to suggest that hardly any incumbents meeting in primary. you will have the mast majority of the -- vast majority of incumbents beaten as democrats. every year is different. in 2006-2008, they were anti-republican years not
1:29 pm
anti-incumbent year. 2010 is anti-democratic year. not an anti-incumbent year. >> shannon: there has been a lot of talk about the house. first i want to talk about the senate. even senator john cornyn who kind of heads up the efforts to get republicans elected say it may take a couple of cycles to win back the senate. do you think there is any possible scenario the g.o.p. retakes the senate? >> yes, indeed. is it likely on labor day? no. but it has become more likely as we move through the cycle. senator cornyn and others last spring thought it was virtually impossible. so did most am lists. now we're at -- so did most analysts. now we have six total toss-ups, nevada, washington, wisconsin, illinois, californ california and maybe florida. most of the seats are democratic. florida seat is republican but the other ones there are democratic seats.
1:30 pm
if you flip enough of the toss-up, republicans could pick up the ten seats they need. it's tough and it's doable from the perspective of labor day. >> shannon: i want to quickly ask you about the house. they need 39, g.o.p. does, to regain control there. what is your prediction? >> we have them at labor day plus 37, well above the 39 they need to take control. if things happen between now and november 2 to change that forecast? is the pope german? things happen all the time that change politics. but i think what is important is the movement has been toward the republicans almost consistently through the spring and summer. it's accelerated in the last month. >> shannon: larry sabato, thank you for insight. pleasure to have you. >> thank you. >> shannon: america's combat troops are now out of iraq but today's explosion in baghdad raise new questions about whether or not the iraqis are ready to take over.
1:31 pm
fox news' james rosen sat down for exclusive interview with secretary gates. >> joe biden and defense secretary robert gates joined iraqi military officers to mark the formal end of u.s. combat issues and operation new dawn, under which roughly 50,000 american troops still in iraq and due to leave by 2011 will advise and assist iraqi forces in the lead of securing their own country. >> i pray that all those scarred by this war in iraq come to know the bond of lasting peace. i believe, i truly believe that their darkest days are now behind them. >> the change in u.s. mission comes more than seven years after the bush administration citing wmd stockpiles never found invaded baghdad and toppled saddam hussein's regime. was the war worth it gates was asked at the camp? the answer remains unclear and awaits, burdened by the
1:32 pm
war's history. >> even if the outcome is a good one from the standpoint of the united states, it will always be clouded by how it began. >> in an interview with fox news, in baghdad, gates favorably compared the former boss with the current boss, architect of the surge. >> president obama has been aggressive, i would say just as aggressive if not perhaps not more so in some places. in going after terrorists and al-qaeda than the bush administration was. >> asked if the concept of regime change now stands permanently discredited, gates again invoked history. >> if there had been a chance to eliminate hitler in 1934, would it have been morally justifiable? most people say yes. you can't dismiss it. i think you have to be extreme cautious about it, particularly after our
1:33 pm
experience in iraq i think the standard of proof that would be required politically is significantly higher now than it would have been seven or ten years ago. >> speaking to the american legion in milwaukee on tuesday en route to iraq, secretary gates said with the invasion of iraq, afghanistan became a second-tier priority for troops, money and equipment. now all eyes are returning to afghanistan. indeed some 20,000 d.o.d. vehicles have been shipped from iraq to afghanistan. travelling with the secretary of defense in baghdad, james rosen, fox news. >> the roads and the airports should be busy this holiday weekend. a.a.a. is predicting a boost in travel over last year and they are expecting increase of 9.9% over the same time last year. total of about 34.4 million people. they predict increase in air travel and car trips. good news if you are out there driving, gas prices are out there slightly compared to last year. gas say the gas prices for the weekend
1:34 pm
average between $2.37-$2.39. it is shaping up to be a nice labor day weekend across most of the country. rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center with more. >> take a look at the temperatures here. a big deep across the east. earl went through and cooled it down. the warm behind it, this is a pattern we'll see. warm up and cool down behind it. case for much of the week. as far as sunshine, an abundance across most of the country. showers around upstate new york, and rain across northern, north dakota and south dakota and we'll watch the tropics again today and tomorrow. this is possibly again that could have impact for u.s. later on. this may be brewing for mexico and moisture is moving in across the south. take a look at the temperatures for tomorrow. cooldown. rapid city near 80s today but
1:35 pm
enjoy it today. tomorrow is cooler. warm in the south. 90s to be had. this general, everybody getting a nice look at labor day. >> shannon: perfectly-timed, rick. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> shannon: well, after dismal august, stock market caught fire in early days of september as investors saw positive signs from the key economic indicators. brenda buttner is the host of "bulls and bears" on fox and joins us live from new york. what is behind the rally? >> it is a nice rally. what is surprising is it happens in september traditionally the worst month of the year for the stock market. we take our optimism where we can find it. the jobs report was not as bad as everybody thought. we still lost jobs for august
1:36 pm
but we lost a lot of temporary census workers and we're in the going to worry too much about that. we need to get near the private employers adding 100 jobs per month. we're not close to that. but as i said, it wasn't quite as bad as everybody expected. >> so, of course, unemployment a big factor with impact on wall street when the numbers come out. >> we saw the hourly wages go up and we saw the temporary workers go up. one thing we did see is confusing and this drives me crazy. unemployment rate did go up a tenth of a percent. you say things must be worse then. but the truth is what happened is a lot of people who had been staying out of the job market because it was so dismal decided you know
1:37 pm
what? i'm going to go in and try to look for jobs. so that's why we saw that increase to 9.6%. it's still near double digits. i can't say anything about the under employment rate which is quite bad. as i say, look for signs of optimism where you can find them. but, still dismal. >> shannon: all right, brenda buttner, thank you for explaining it for us. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> shannon: well, the white house has awarded $22 million to more than 100 communities to support efforts to prevent drug abuse by young people. joining us with more on the drug-free community program is the director of the national drug control policy, gill. thank you for coming. >> good to be back. >> shannon: tell us about the specific program and why you think it's worth the investment? >> it is really worth the investment. i visited these all over the country. we found 700 of these, a small amount of money.
1:38 pm
$125,000, they go to the grassroot community group that have to organize around the issue of reducing substance abuse and strengthening the communities. they are a marvel to watch. >> shannon: they are aimed at young people; is that correct? >> that's right. they have to have coalition. schools buy in to it. law enforcement officials, community groups, et cetera. they design it and work at using best practices around their particular community. so it isn't one of these inside the beltway kind of things. >> shannon: it seems like so many things that you are dealing with, with young people, great smokes, drinking or harder drugs that are illegal, it seems like you spend, the teenage years and high school years are critical deciding whether someone will choose that path or not. >> that's exactly right. we know if young people get a clear and consistent message from the people they trust, their parents, faith-based groups. teachers and others. clear message about nicotine underage drinking, drugs and
1:39 pm
actually diet and nutrition and health. if they get that, they'll actually make the right decisions. we just need to do more of that. >> shannon: is there way to track success of the programs and the way the tax dollars are spent? >> absolutely. these are evaluated and they can apply for up to $120,000 every year and a second cycle. our partner in this, the substance abuse and mental health services agency, we can provide on-site technical assistance and we evaluate to make sure they live up to the principles of what they said they would do with the federal tax dollar. >> shannon: i want to ask about california where the voters this fall look at prop 19, i believe it is, talking about legalizing marijuana. is it a good or bad idea? >> terrible idea. i makes no sense. anyone that reads that proposition and thinks it's going to solve the violence in mexico, which they talk about that it is going to save law enforcement going
1:40 pm
out and arresting adults with small amount of marijuana, none of those things hold up to any scrutiny at all. it doesn't make sense. >> shannon: we think about arizona and the administration law, the administration wasn't happy about. can you see the administration choosing to sue california if prop 19 passes? >> a really good question for the attorney general, rather than me. a significant problem if it passes. you have already seen senator feinstein, great sheriff officials, the sheriff in los angeles take the issue on head on and say look, this is going to cause incredible amount of confusion and incredible amount of waste. plus, the harm and the message that it sends to young people. which should be concerning to every one of us. >> shannon: gill, we will invite the attorney general to come back with you. great to see you. >> good. thank you. >> shannon: thank you so much. well, madonna, bono, for some people one name is plenty. one works at fox.
1:41 pm
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>> shannon: tuesday marks 40 years on the air for fox's own geraldo rivera. and his career has spanned decades, genres and a few hairstyles. tonight at 10:00 on fox, geraldo continues to look back at the stories and events he has covered throughout his remarkable career. a quick look at some of the highlight highlights. [ music ] >> my good friend, i'd like you to meet my good friend. melba, roger, tex, frank, bill and jim. >> the eyewitness news team, the reason people like them so much is because they like
1:45 pm
people so much. >> i first heard of a big place with a pretty sounding name because of a call i received from the member of the willowbrook staff. this is what it looks like. this is what it sounded like. but how can i tell you about the way it smelled? >> ladies and gentlemen, geraldo rivera! [ applause ] >> abc's wide world of entertainmen entertainment. [ music ] >> thursday night special. >> we have a special treat for you all. >> now here is the anchor man of "good night, america," geraldo rivera. [ applause [ applause ] >> geraldo rivera presents an exclusive, intimate hour-long look at this remarkable star. >> geraldo, thank you more tonight on "20/20" for the
1:46 pm
story. >> geraldo rivera has more from new york. too much. >> funny, pathetic, all of those things. >> mystery of al capon's vault. >> massive concrete vault has been discovered. >> the geraldo rivera special. >> modern love. >> bid farewell to sexual revolution. >> devil worship. >> whether satan exists is a matter of belief. >> we continue our investigation in to a sorted story of multiple murder, and apparent greed. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome geraldo rivera. [ applause [ applause ] >> it's my constitutionally protected opinion that o.j. simpson has gotten away with murder. >> i'm geraldo rivera. up front tonight, a story that will -- >> one of the vehicles hit a landmine. we have casualties.
1:47 pm
>> children found sleeping in cages inside this house behind me. >> how long have you been at willowbrook? >> what do you think? [ inaudible ] >> geraldo rivera. [ cheering ] >> shannon: there is plenty more where that came from. you can read geraldo's own reflection on his 40 years of tv on he has written a blog about his four decade long career and tune in tonight at 10:00 for "geraldo at large." much more celebration there tonight as well. congrats. up next, keeping the commitment. we tell you about operation home front. tell you about what service member and women do continuing to serve overseas and what their families do. more when we continue. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. mudslides on a guatemalan highway killed 22 people and left many more unaccounted for. up to 100 people are feared buried. the first occurred yesterday and prompted the gall mall lan president to -- guatemalan president to declare national emergency. second slide killed at least 12 people, including rescue workers who responded to the scene. some of the top stories we're following on america's news headquarters. at least nine people are dead and dozens wounded after a car bomb exploded at a baghdad military headquarters. officials say militants tried to shoot their way in the building after the explosion. baghdad has been on high alert since president obama declared the end to the u.s. combat operations in iraq. secretary of state hillary clinton will travel to egypt and israel next week. the secretary will be in the region to participate in the next round of peace negotiation between israeli
1:52 pm
prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. clinton will be joined on the trip for the u.s. special envoy for mideast peace senator george mitchell. craigslist shut down the adult portion of the website two weeks after 17 state attorneys general called for that section of the site to go dark. it came after questionable posting led to human trafficking and even murder, including the case of the so-called "craigslist killer." he was accused of killing a woman he met on the website and he later committed suicide. they risked their lives and spend time away from loved ones but once they come home are the troops getting the support they need and deserve? an organization is setting up to make sure they help the troops and the families with the emergency assistance. to tell us more is the ceo of operation homefront. thank you for what you do. i know you focus on families that are here while the loved
1:53 pm
ones are serving overseas and you deal with the emergency needs. what are you seeing? >> we are seeing a lot of needs you might not expect. families that need help with rent. with utilities. car payments and repair. and as a matter of fact, last year we actually saw a 191% increase in the number of requests coming to us for food assistance. while the service members are in harm's way, some of the families back home have trouble meeting the basic needs. >> shannon: what does do you do? what impact is there when soldiers know someone is looking out for their family when they are so far away and so little they can do. >> early on, some of the commanders asked the service member what is do you need to be successful at this mission? they were somewhat surprised to hear a lot of times the answer is to take care of my family back home. the army in plan has done amazing thing, expanding the program and help take care of families.
1:54 pm
some things like the operation homefront is needed to help with. >> shannon: i know it's back to school and you get involved in those programs as well. >> absolutely. we have back pack filled with supplies for the kids and this year we give away 28,000 back packs. that is a lot of families better prepared for school and they can use limited resources for more important things like basic necessities. >> shannon: i know in addition you work with wounded warriors stateside as well. tell us about work you do for w them and how the afternoon person watching can -- average person watching can get involved. >> the major program we have for the wounded warriors is transitional housing. those with families that relocated to be near the hospital where they are recuperating, we can put them in two and three bedroom apparents to get back to some family life and help in their recovery and transition to civilian life. they are always ways for people to help.
1:55 pm
going on to the website to make donation to find volunteer opportunity and needs of family. >> shannon: tell us the website address. >> . >> shannon: all right. jim, thank you for the work you're doing. we pray your efforts will be multiplied. >> thank you. >> shannon: need to feed a lot of people at the barbecue this year? check this out! back after a quick time-out. i got into one of the best schools in t country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. why does it say box tops for education on your soup?so. oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do.
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>> shannon: all right. this is not something you'll see every day. 69 mexican cowboys clinched the "guinness book of world records" title for the greatest number of cowboys simultaneously lasoing. they twirled the ropes for nearly three minutes. they beat out last year's record which was set in texas with just 23 participants.
1:59 pm
this is a much larger group. it's all part of the 17th annual mariachi festival in guadalajara, mexico. congratulations. if you think your labor day party has a lot of food, take a look at what is going on in two other countries this weekend. first in mexico. record set for the longest taco ever made. the 164-foot taco filled with pork, pineapple, beans, rice. if that is not your style, check this out. a big burger! chefs used 100 pounds of meat. the end result weighed more than 60 pounds and measured more than five feet in diameter. i want to know who ate it. that's it for us in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next where you can catch chris wallace's exclusive interviews. first, senator john mccain and then d.n.c. chairman tim kaine. we want to leave you with another look at our favorite video of the day. south carolina democrat running now for the s.
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